Accountability: Government Working For You

A government should serve its citizens, not burden them. It must also provide for citizens truly in need without trapping them in an endless cycle of dependency on government programs that erode their self confidence, human dignity, and a chance to live the American dream.

The answer is not to grow bigger government. The answer is to empower people with the skills and opportunity to grow a better future for themselves, and not allow government stand in the way of these goals.

Excessive laws and regulations in Maryland only breed ignorance of the law and contempt for enforcement. Businesses fleeing Maryland take jobs and Maryland workers with them. The result: between 2000-2010, over 66,000 residents have abandoned Maryland and moved to other states. Unfortunately, the only solution coming out of Annapolis is to continue building on this record of failure with more of the same.

The people of Maryland are fed up with unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats adding countless regulations to administer laws enacted with the help of cherry-picked "experts" whose opinions, more often than not, are used to only support one side of an issue.

The people of Maryland are tired of seeing their state taxes being used to satisfy the needs of powerful, well-financed special interest groups and feed the spending addiction of a bloated state government that has extended its reach into every facet of our lives.

It's time to end "bait and switch" taxes and fees in Maryland that routinely use taxpayer money to backfill the shortfall of out-of-control government spending in Annapolis. We can no longer afford to further erode the people's trust and belief in their own state government whose power is solely derived, and freely given, by them. We must stop robbing Peter to pay Paul, review programs regularly, and ensure Maryland's spending priorities are met by being more transparent and accountable. We have to keep our promises to the people of Maryland when we are spending THEIR money.


As governor,

  • I will propose an "ANNUAL STATE FISCAL-USE & EFFICIENCY AUDIT". Under the direction of my Lieutenant Governor, who has 35 years of investigative experience under his belt, we will make sure that every tax and fee-producing law and implementing regulation in Maryland gets independently audited to determine how monies collected are being spent and whether this spending demonstrates an efficient use of taxpayer money.  This audit will be published online and include an overall efficiency rating for each bill, identify the sponsors, and the final recorded vote tally for passage.
  • Monies not being used for their intended purpose will be adjusted through regulatory changes to be brought into compliance. As governor, I will submit a list of those failing to comply with their intended purpose and ask that these laws be suspended or eliminated over a three-year phase out.
  • I will not sign laws that fail to contain an enforceable "lock box" provision to ensure taxpayer money and fees are being used for their intended purpose.
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