Energy: Powering Maryland's Future

DEVELOPMENT OF MARYLAND'S MARCELLUS SHALE NATURAL GAS RESERVES – ALLEGANY AND GARRETT COUNTIES - When the Governor O'Malley issued his 2011 Executive Order establishing the Marcellus Shale Safe Drilling Advisory Commission, he essentially used the "study commission ploy" and glacial regulatory procedures to stall and delay development for years.  Now, the price of natural gas plummeted and energy companies are withdrawing drilling permits and letting long-standing leases in Maryland lapse without renewing them.


As governor,

  • I support development of Maryland's Marcellus Shale National Gas Reserves. I believe it is in our national interest for every state to responsibly help America become energy independent and be less reliant of foreign sources of energy in the future. While West Virginia and Pennsylvania are fully engaged in extracting natural gas from these reserves, Governor O'Malley's delaying tactics have denied this same opportunity to citizens and businesses in Allegany and Garrett Counties as well as the additional economic expansion of supporting businesses and jobs throughout Maryland.
  • Ken and I will promote the transformation of safe, clean, Maryland-produced natural gas into Methanol, a proven alternative to gasoline that requires no expensive upgrades to our energy infrastructure or to your automobiles. We want consumers to have a choice when they fill up their cars: Do you want safe, clean, Maryland-produced Methanol at $2.20 per gallon? Or would you prefer gasoline at $3.59/gallon made from oil imported from Saudi Arabia, where some of the proceeds could fuel terrorists who are killing Americans?
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