Hoverboards became very popular after the release of the 2015 science fiction film "Back to the Future" Part II and has to a certain extent taken many by surprise with the ease that one could move riding on one of them.

They could be considered as the rides of the future and whether it could be designed to levitate as the originally mooted idea was born in 1967 by author M.K Joseph is anybody's guess and could be a factor for the future.

Riding up to 15 to 20 kilometers per hour and going to a maximum distance about 20 kilometers on a single fully charged battery are some of the fantastic features most of these Hoverboards offer.

They also come equipped with flashing LED lights to make the rider visible at night and apart from that also add style and glamour to the ride especially when you need to show off your new futuristic ride to your friends.

LED lights flashing would bring a sense of pride especially riding it around the neighborhood or on the grounds of your college or university which would really draw every onlooker to gape with mouth wide open.

The Hoverboard has come to stay with the teenagers as well as the rest who still think that they are young at heart as it is one of the best transport solutions to get around especially in vast and expansive areas where walking would be an arduous task.

The colorful LED lights bring a sense of importance to your ride as it would herald your arrival at any venue that you may intend to visit to impress your colleagues and friends.

Along with the LED lights the Hoverboards are also equipped with the versatile Bluetooth technology giving the rider to have fun listening to their favorite music while on the ride.

Some of the older models may not have been installed with LED lights but the newer once are and if you would like to join the crowd flashing away riding their Hoverboards you could always fix some LED lights onto you older ride too.

Some would have the provision or you could make a few adjustments and fixed them yourself as it is as easy as that but would need to get it right as Hoverboards of the past have ended up in certain controversies.

Get yourself a set of LED lights or buy an Alien Board Hoverboard that has the lights and you would be rest assured that your ride is going to be interesting and enjoyable too.

LED lights are not a very expensive affair to install if you do not have it already hence fixing them on your Hoverboard would definitely add to your fun ride along with your friends.

The popularity of the Hoverboard is growing at a tremendous rate and they are getting affordable with the competition increasing and the future looks bright for this ingenious invention.

Hover boards could get us over substantial distances if the facilities are incorporated into our road networks. Click here for more details about hover boards.

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