A New Way Forward

I believe government should serve its citizens, not burden them.  It must also provide for citizens truly in need without trapping them in an endless cycle of dependency on government programs that erode their self confidence, human dignity, and a chance to live the American dream.

Ken and I believe the answer to solving Maryland's problems is not to grow bigger government but to empower people with the skills and opportunity to grow a better future for themselves, and not allow government stand in the way.  Today, our state government is standing in the way, with excessive taxes, fees, and regulations that force Maryland businesses to flee our state and take good-paying jobs with them.

It's time for A New Way Forward... a chance to put Maryland on the right path to jobs and opportunity.  A New Way Forward is more than a campaign slogan;  it is a preview of the principles that will define the Lollar-Timmerman administration.

You can read more about these principles and the specifics of our proposals at these pages:






Gun Rights


Jobs & Economy

Marijuana Legalization

Minimum Wage and Quality of Life

Same-Sex Marriage

Sanctity of Life


Voter ID

Zero-Income-Tax Plan

Please join our campaign to be the next governor and lieutenant governor of Maryland. Let's make history together!



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