New Hoverboards in 2017

Hoverboards have been here for a while and it seems like they are here to stay. This year, many brands have introduced models of hoverboards each better than the other. However, you still might want to do your research before you buy a hoverboard of your own. If you are completely enthralled by this captivating new self-balancing motor it is best to learn about new hoverboards 2017. Here is a brief guide about some of the hoverboards that were released this year:


Veeko self-balancing scooter has been one of the best ones to come out in 2017. It has a 350-watt dual motor which gives the maximum speed of approximately 9.6km/hr. The charging time is almost 2-3 hours which also provide long riding hours. Veeko hoverboard uses professional gyroscope as well as servo-control system which do not only increase the quality of ride but also the 360-movement. Veeko is also a water resistant scooter however it is best to ensure that it is not soaked for long hours. This is also an UL2272 certified hoverboard.

2.AlienBoard BatWing

This is a hoverboard that is one of the best yet cheaper hoverboards of 2017. Easily affordable yet it comes with UL Certified batteries with Samsung or LG cells which offer great performance. It offers maximum speed of 7.5MPH and comes with attractive features like Bluetooth and LED lights. It runs for over 9-12 miles which is the average for a good hoverboard. Visit their official website for more products options.

3.Halo Rover

Another worth hyping hoverboard that came out in 2017 is the Halo Rover which comes with many interesting features. It is also a UL2272 certified hoberboard which means that it is safe to ride as well. One a single charge this hoverboard will ride for up to 10 hours. It also has UL2272 Certified Firesafe LG batteries cells which will neither overheat nor catch fire no matter how fast you are riding. The best part of Halo Rover is that it also allows you to play music when you are riding it.


This is a smart-self balancing scooter which comes with 1600 watts of power which can carry individuals of up to 220 pounds. It offers speed of 10MPH therefore increasing the attractive qualities of Segway. The estimated hours that are offered by this hoverboard are over 14. It also comes with other features such as anti-theft alarm, speed control and Bluetooth. This UL2272 certified hoverboard is also one of the best hoverboards of 2017. You can also check out how cheap hoverboards are different with good hoverboards in this Alien Wheels blog.


Coocher hoverboard is not only sleek in design but in performance as well. It comes with 300 watts dual motor which can support a person of up to 220 pounds. It also offers speed of 10MHP and 6.5" alloy wheels which are great during slopes and offer more control. You will only need to charge it for two hours and it will offer 120 minutes of performance in return. It is not only UL2272 certified but also comes with LED lights. It has been certified as anti-overheating and anti-catching fire which makes this hoverboard even better.

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