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Associated Gun Clubs gives Lollar-Timmerman an "A"

Another pro-2nd Amendment organization, Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, has given the Lollar-Timmerman ticket an "A" rating because of our steadfast defense of the 2nd amendment. This follows similar ratings from the NRA and the Carroll County Sportsmen Association earlier this month.

The NRA ratings are finally out!

June 14, 2014 – Annapolis – Statement from Bob Carlstrom, Campaign Manager for Lollar for Governor:

The Lollar-Timmerman ticket is pleased to have received an "AQ" rating from the National Rifle Association, an organization that represents millions of law-abiding gun owners and defends our 2nd Amendment rights.

Charles and Ken received an "AQ," the A-level pro-2nd Amendment rating issued by the NRA's political action wing. The "Q" denotes candidates who have not held elected office.

Both Charles and Ken earlier received AQ ratings in their Congressional bids, in 2010 and 2012 respectively. 

Said Charles Lollar: "I am a pro-second Amendment Marine, and am proud to receive this rating from the NRA. Together, we will fight to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners by repealing SB 281 and by making Maryland a "shall issue" state."

The NRA withdrew an earlier rating sheet that was based on what appeared to be a forged survey sent to the organization in the campaign's name. We appreciate the NRA's response and their working with us to get to the bottom of that unfortunate situation.


Lollar-Timmerman to receive major endorsement tonight

Join Charles and Ken tonight, starting at 6 PM, in Largo, MD, to receive the endorsement of the Business & Clergy Partnership, a group of 300 leaders in Prince Georges county, most of whom are registered Democrats.

The Lollar-Timmerman team has been building relationships with community leaders in Baltimore City, Prince Georges and Montgomery County over the past eighteen months, and is proud to receive the endorsement of BCP. Read the Media advisory here. 


Protect Marriage Maryland endorses Lollar-Timmerman

We are proud to announce that Protect Marriage Maryland has endorsed the Lollar-Timmerman ticket - the only team for governor and lieutenant governor they have endorsed this year.

In their endorsement (attached), Protect Marriage Maryland says that it "seeks to inform voters which candidates are most likely to defend marriage and protect our religious rights," and gave the Lollar-Timmerman team a "VERY STRONG" endorsement. 

We are proud of their support and look forward to carrying our message of economic freedom, limited government, and the inalienable rights that come from our Creator to Maryland voters in the June 24 primary and beyond.

Once again, Lollar only Republican at Gubernatorial Forum

Once again, Charles Lollar was the only Republican who showed up at a gubernatorial forum before a predominantly Democrat audience. Thursday night's event, sponsored by the Collective Empowerment Group, made up of Prince George's County ministers, got the attention of the Washington Post. "You can't expect to win in November if you only start talking to Democrats on June 25," Lollar tells Republican audiences. Read the Post's account here.

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