Voter ID

Democrats like to pretend that voter fraud is a figment of over-heated imaginations. And yet, as anyone knows who lives in Maryland – where the cemetaries vote – it is quite real. 

During the last election cycle, a Democrat Congressional candidate was indicted for voting in Maryland and in Florida and was forced to withdraw from the election after the ballots were printed with her name on them. Wendy Rosen was not a staffer, or a simple party activist, but a Democrat party leader who had won her primary and was facing Republican Andy Harris in the general election.

That same year, the son of incumbent Virginia Democrat Rep. Jim Moran was forced to leave his father's campaign after he was caught on video encouraging party activists to commit voter fraud. 

In Ken's race for Maryland's 8th Congressional district in 2012, voters complained of touch screen voting machines that showed them voting for Obama even though they had pressed Romney.

There is absolutely zero evidence that requiring voters to present photo ID at the polls suppresses minority votes. That might have been the case decades ago, but it is simply untrue today. 

On the contrary: after Georgia adopted a Voter ID law, minority turnout actually increased. 

Similar results have been noted in North Carolina, Indiana, Louisana, and elsewhere.

In his latest book on voter fraud, John Fund argues that voter ID laws have enhanced minority participation in states with a history of rigged Democrat party primaries.

A new way forward 

• As Governor, I will propose and advocate a Voter ID law for Maryland, with necessary safeguards to ensure that citizens without a driver's license can easily acquire a state-issued photo ID at no cost. There is no rational argument why anyone should oppose this common sense measure. After all, if high school students are required to produce photo ID to take their SATs, and passengers must show photo ID to board an airplane, surely we can provide this most basic of protections to the most sacred ritual of our democracy. 

• I will fund the switch to new voter machines, in accordance with legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2007, but which the O'Malley-Brown administration has refused to fund. 

• I will immediately instruct my representative on the State's Board of Election to enforce state guidelines to the Counties to ensure that they deliver voting machines to polling places no earlier than 24 hours prior to the start of voting. Under current practice, some counties allow these machines to sit unguarded for as much as a week before the elections, an open invitation to foul play.

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